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Brokis Shadows

Brokis Shadows

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Brokis Shadows Set

Brokis Shadows Set

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Brokis Muffins Table / Floor Lamp

Brokis Muffins Table / Floor Lamp

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Brokis Whistle

Brokis Whistle

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Brokis Mona Pendant

Brokis Mona Pendant

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Buying bathroom lighting

The lighting set in your bathroom doesn't have to be a bland, generic light at the top of your mirror with its sole purpose to not leave you in the dark. Bathroom lights can also propose a statement, it can give a bathroom ownership and style. They can be an anchor or po...


Bathroom Lighting 

  • Bathroom Ceiling Lights
    Bathroom Ceiling Lights

    To perfect the look of your interior decor, tailored ceiling lighting is a touch of finesse that can take the appearance and functionality of your bathroom to the next level. With an array of styles and designs, we can find the perfect ceiling light to fit you and your vision. The importance of finding the perfect ceiling light to complete the look of your bathroom and the style in your home is infinitely larger than you may think. Attention, even the smallest detail, is extremely important for success in style.

    From a rich warming light, to a blinding ceiling flushmount that provides enough light to see every detail in the mirror, there is a ceiling light for every bathroom and every style. With materials ranging from white crystal to glass shade, we have the perfect light that fit your needs. 

    Our various light fixtures can have a futuristic or antique look and anywhere in-between. From ribbed to reeded glass, rugged to rustic, our bathroom ceiling lights are available in many different styles, which allows you to get the look you are looking for, but also to create the perfect effect and ambiance through lighting. 

    The importance of the strength of your ceiling lights in your bathroom can set the tone for the entire ambiance that you are trying to create. From recessed lighting, to chandelier style, hanging lights, and many others the possibilities for bringing your personal touch through light fixtures in your bathroom are utterly endless through our collection and selection.

  • Bathroom Wall Lights
    Bathroom Wall Lights

    Looking at the all around decor of your bathroom, adding bathroom wall lights is a unique idea that you can implement to set your lighting fixture and bathroom design apart from the rest. These wall lights can vary, in style, size and strength of lighting that is desired.

    These wall lights do not have to just be a side show in the total development of your interior design, it can actually be an anchor for the entire room’s decor. For your bathroom wall lighting to go from dull to extraordinary, there are multiple designs, from materials such as colourful art glass to glittering crystal. These different types of material not only give the lighting a base that makes it unique, it also has a completely distinctive effect on the light itself.

    Bathroom lighting, especially wall lighting, is such an important and impacting attribute to develop and take the time to perfect and combine with your style. From creative placement, to design of the fixtures on the wall itself, these different attributes of bathroom light fixture can make or break the complete vision of your bathroom.

    Bathroom wall lighting can be chosen with dimming options to set the mood, depending on the time of day or occasion. From getting up too early in the morning and not being able to stomach strong light, to setting the mood for a relaxing bubble bath; the light fixtures in your bathroom have a special role to completing your bathroom experience.

    Wall lighting can not only be use to complete a look or style, it can also be truly functional in the means of lighting your bathroom and creating a place to relax.

  • Bathroom Mirror Lights
    Bathroom Mirror Lights
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