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Petite Friture Vertigo

Petite Friture Vertigo

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Fermob Balad

Fermob Balad

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Pott SpongeUp!

Pott SpongeUp!

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Secto Design Octo 4240

Secto Design Octo 4240

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Vita Eos Pendant

Vita Eos Pendant

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Buying bathroom lighting

The lighting set in your bathroom doesn't have to be a bland, generic light at the top of your mirror with its sole purpose to not leave you in the dark. Bathroom lights can also propose a statement, it can give a bathroom ownership and style. They can be an anchor or po...


Bathroom Lighting 

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  • 278,30 € In stock
    Design ans contemporary SPOT available in MAT WHITE or CHROME  IP44 - Lamp protected against humidity - Ideal for Bathroom
  • Limited special offer
    92,56 € 108,90 € -15% In stock
    Reduced price!
    KOS is ceiling SPOT with IP65 protection.  This spot is ideal for bathroom or outside covered terrace
  • Limited special offer
    273,58 € 321,86 € -15% In stock
    Reduced price!
    Design Ceiling lamp in frosted glass ideal for bathroom lighting IP44 water protection 
  • 780,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    The Sammode Astrup is a truly incredible design with an evocative aesthetic that combines an uncompromising eye for detail and bold innovation, suitable for the home and outdoors. 
  • 785,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Inspired by handheld lamps and reminiscent of a rustic railroad lantern, the Sommode Balke combines functionality with aesthetics to deliver a unique and characteristic lamp. The variety of materials used within the design allows the individual elements to be clearly viewed as separate components, giving the Balke a feeling of a very durable and hand...
  • 295,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    The Sammode Bendz is a refined and graceful design that has a distinctive shape and tactile use of materials that connect to form an inviting wall light. The design draws attention to the bulb housing and acts a viewing window for the soft light of the LED filament to shine through and illuminate any space, indoors and outdoors. 
  • 1 449,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    The Sommode Bodom is durable and stylish floor lamp, designed to exist outside all year round in a garden, balcony or other open-air space. The Bodom uses a series of internal metallic rungs, angled to reflect light from the single fluorescent bulb to create three-dimensional shadows and patterns across the front the lamp, altering the perspective of the...
  • 490,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    A wonderful showcase of stylish form and sleek materials working in harmony; the Sammode Elgar is a clever use of material to manipulate a static light source into creating three-dimensional patterns. The internal design is formed by using angled metallic shielding which reflects the light onto the neighbouring rings, causing a beautiful mixture of...
  • 419,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    The Sammode Gude is a well-constructed and thought out design that combines elegant form and materials with versatility and durability. The light is dispersed out through the holes in the metal housing, creating a unique and distinctive 180 degree lighting pattern onto the surface on which it is mounted. If used with a lower light output, the holes will...
  • 675,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Bold design and careful engineering work in harmony to create an unmissable fitting, which is the Sammode Kyhn. The sheer physicality of Kyhn is a statement within itself, though allows the viewer to closely see the intricately textured finish of the internal metal casing that that gives the fitting a unique diffusion of light. Although the Kyhn is a...
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