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Goodnight Light Decoupage Lamp Kitties
Goodnight Light Decoupage Lamp Kitties
Goodnight Light Decoupage Lamp Bunnies
Goodnight Light Decoupage Lamp Bunnies
Orikomi Tropical
Orikomi Tropical
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Orikomi Tropical

Children's room lighting

Finding the perfect lamp for a child's room can be a more adventurous and whimsical experience than choosing a lamp for your own room, or any room in the house. Children's rooms give design the opportunity to cross the boundaries of modern or traditional looks and choose what is best for the child. The possibilities are enormous when it comes to kids room lighting. This means that as a parent, you are always able to find the perfect lighting for your child's room. Whether you're looking for a small floor lamp or a children's lamp that illuminates the room completely, LampTwist has it all.

Children's lighting in different styles

Children's lamps can be fun and creatively themed, so parents are free to combine them with a colour scheme or theme from their child's favourite film. For example, we have fun children's lamps in the shape of a bird or a cat. Or how about a night light in the shape of Miffy? These fun lamps make your child feel safe in the dark. After all, many children are afraid of the dark.

At LampTwist, not only do you have a lot of choice in the shape of the lamp, but you can also find a lamp in almost any colour. This makes it easy to find nursery lights that fit well also.

Children's lamps are also less delicate and therefore more child-friendly, which comes in handy when you know how much damage your child can cause without intending to. Our collection of children's lamps not only makes you happy in terms of aesthetics, but also helps you feel safer when it comes to your child's vulnerability. The lamps, for example, can stand up to a lot better than a large chandelier. After all, safety is the highest priority in the children's room. An accident can happen at any time, so it's nice that our children's lamps are not so fragile.

Different brightness levels

If you're looking for the perfect lamp for baby's room, you have lamps that differ in style and light intensity. Depending on your child's sensitivity to light, our collection takes this into account and offers you a wide range of lighting for the baby's room, varying in brightness, style and size. Especially if your child is afraid of the dark, it is nice to have a brighter lamp. However, you will also find less bright children's lights in our webshop. These lamps can be ideal if your child is still very young, for example, and you don't want to wake him or her up with bright light. If your child has very sensitive eyes, it may also be advisable to choose a slightly less bright lamp.

Our wide range of children's lamps, from baby, to toddler, to young teenager, offers the perfect lamp for your style and your expectations. When it comes to our children, we tend to put safety first. But when it comes to lighting, we don't want to compromise on style and design either. You can bring the best of both together and do so within your budget, because our cost of style and safety goes a long way. Our children's lamps bring style and safety together and make everyone happy with their functionality and design.

Children's lighting for every budget

In the LampTwist webshop, you'll find lamps for every budget. That also applies to children's lighting. Do you think it's a shame to spend a lot of money on a children's lamp, because your child might grow out of it soon? Then we also have decent children's lighting with a nice look for a low budget. If you have a slightly bigger budget, you can also find children's lamps with the most unique designs in our webshop. In this way, you will always find affordable lighting for the children's room in our webshop.

Quickly find the right children's lamp

Finding the right children's lighting is very easy in the webshop of LampTwist. Using the filter on the left of this page you can easily filter on manufacturer, price and designer. This way, you will only see lamps with the desired characteristics. With the greatest of ease you then choose a children's lamp that fits well with the children's room. For example, do you have good experiences with the lamps of a certain designer? Then you can easily filter on lamps of this designer if we have a children's lamp of that designer.

The unique service of LampTwist

When you order children's lighting from the LampTwist online store, you can be sure of excellent customer service. To start with, we offer you the opportunity to pay with different payment systems. Do you order for more than € 75? Then you pay no shipping costs on your order. In addition, we have a best price guarantee on our children's lighting. Do you see that the same lamp is sold cheaper elsewhere? Then we'll adjust our price. What's more, at LampTwist we offer you the opportunity to try out the children's lamp for 30 days. If it's not quite the children's lamp you were looking for, you can return it.

At LampTwist, we have a passion for designer lamps. With our webshop, we prove that lamps with a unique design do not have to be expensive. This applies to our children's lighting, but also to all other lamps in our range.

For all your other lamps too

Besides children's lighting, we offer many other unique lamps at LampTwist. We also offer pendant lamps, floor lamps and desk lamps. You can also contact us for outdoor lighting. So with our webshop, you have the opportunity, with a relatively low budget, to provide your home with the most beautiful lamps. Are you buying a children's lamp of € 75? Then it's a good idea to check out what other lamps we offer, because above that amount, we send your order free of charge.

Please feel free to contact us

Do you find it difficult to find the right children's lighting in our webshop? Then we would like to invite you to visit our showroom. We would be happy to help you find the right children's lamp there. By the way, you can always contact us if you prefer to get support. We are happy to think along with you! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the webshop or our products.