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Placing unique lights or combining several small light fixtures to create and complete your style, bedroom lighting is a great addition to your space. Bedroom lamps can be a simple and functional purchase, but it can also be an opportunity to make a statement and set the ...


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  • New Works Tense Pendant Lamp
    319,18 € 398,97 € -20% In stock
    The Tense pendant lamp has a cloud-like structure with a built-in LED lamp that provides ambient and warm light.
  • Umage Eos Feather
    58,65 € 69,00 € -15% In stock
    The Umage Eos is made out of natural goose feathers. This makes all the Eos pendants natural and unique. The lamp gives a soft light and it has beautiful elegance, even when the lamp is not illuminated. The white edition exists in five different sizes, while the brown edition exists in two different sizes.  LAMP SHADE. CABLE SET/BASE NOT INCLUDED.
  • Buster + Punch Heavy Metal Socket Pendant
    140,57 € 165,37 € -15% In stock
    Buster + Punch Heavy Metal Socket Pendants a light and elegant pendant made from solid metal, which provides an industrial touch. Featuring the unique Buster + Punch signature, the diamond-cut and cross-knurl pattern.
  • &tradition Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp
    268,44 € 315,81 € -15% In stock
    &Tradition introduced the Flowerpot Table Lamp for its amazing and optically intelligent design. This lamp looks very slim and powerful, which helps in attracting buyers. This light can easily suit any place, it can easily elevate the look with its powerful light output.
  • Buster + Punch Exhaust Surface Spotlight
    152,57 € 179,49 € -15% In stock
    This meticulously designed and sophisticated surface spotlight provides you with a functional light source with very low energy consumption.
  • Umage Carmina
    58,65 € 69,00 € -15% In stock
    The stylish Umage Carmina is versatile in nature – it can work as a pendant, table, or floor lamp. Its fluid and modern design makes a perfect accessory to a minimalist interior.
  • Buster + Punch Exhaust Spot
    192,84 € 226,87 € -15% In stock
    The Buster + Punch Exhaust Spotlight is an energy efficient lamp that comes with a beautifull design. Provides more than sufficient light when used as task light.
  • New Works Kizu Table Lamp
    263,19 € 328,99 € -20% In stock
    Playing with shapes and materials, the Kizu table lamp spreads its soft light like an intriguing modern sculpture.
  • Oluce Atollo Tablelamp
    611,96 € 719,95 € -15% In stock
    The Atollo 238 and 239 by Vico Magistretti is a modern uptake on a simplistic design that holds true to a futuristic style. Available in black, gold from its original writeup in 1977, it has come a long away with retrospect to the original design and its production in this day and age.
  • Seletti Mouse Table Lamp
    70,55 € 83,00 € -15% In stock
    Seletti’s Mouse Lamp series consists of three variations of mice in different positions. These include: Mouse Lamp Sitting, Mouse Lamp Standing, and Mouse Lamp Lying Down. As indicated by the names of these, the mouse can be found in various positions holding a light bulb which is illuminated when turned on.
  • Popup Lighting Deer Head
    62,10 € 69,00 € -10% Shipped within 5-6 weeks
    This wall lamp is the shape of a deer head is a classic, nostalgic wall piece with a modern interpretation.  When the Deer Head lamp is switched on, she creates a magical ambience. She fits into any room: for romantic moments in intimate places or magical fantasy in a child's room.
  • Buster + Punch Hooked Wall Lamp
    323,98 € 381,15 € -15% Shipped within 4-5 weeks
    The Buster + Punch Hooked Wall Lamp has a very attractive feel with its great design. You can customize the lamp with shades. This wall lamp gives sufficient light and is very practical with the cord which is manual adjustable in height.
  • Umage Acorn Pendant Lamp
    71,40 € 84,00 € -15% In stock
    Indulge in a forest escape within the comforts of your home. Umage’s external designer Jacob Rudbeck has perfectly captured the memory of walking along peaceful forests, breathing in crisp Scandinavia air, and admiring gentle acorns lying at the foot of oak trees.  LAMP SHADE. CABLE SET NOT INCLUDED.
  • Umage Asteria Pendant Lamp
    245,65 € 289,00 € -15% In stock
    Experience the colours of nature and light with the Umage Asteria lamp. 
  • Marset Bicoca Lamp
    209,33 € In stock
    The Bicoca is born with the optimism of brightening life and accompanying the good times, wherever you go. This new colorful, lightweight portable lamp projects an intimate light that adds warmth to all your personal spaces.
  • Eno Studio Favorite Things
    313,65 € 369,00 € -15% In stock
    Innovative and effective, the Eno Studio Favorite Things is a customizable pendant light, designed to highlight and exhibit your precious little items. The lamp is available in a wider range of colour variants, and you can use it both in kids’ bedroom or the small nostalgic shop.
  • Verpan Pantop Table Lamp
    190,27 € 223,85 € -15% In stock
    One quick glance at the Verpan collection is enough to understand what you're dealing with, because of the unusual, daring design decisions. The Pantop table lamp is really a bit of light on the market today and comes available in a several colour variations.
  • Kartell E Wall Lamp
    75,65 € 89,00 € -15% In stock
    A less complex form of design having a cool homely feel and bringing life into its environment. It perfect shape and different color forms complements environmental aesthetics
  • Buster + Punch Exhaust Pendant
    245,13 € 288,39 € -15% In stock
    Buster + Punch Exhaust Pendant that can be used as a precise and direct spotlight. The lamp is bright enough to provide plenty of light without straining the user's eyes. In addition, this pendant lamp spot is very energy-efficient.
  • Elegant wall lamp reader
    73,27 € In stock
    This wall lamp, available in black, white and in chrome, is perfect when it is placed above a bed or near a sofa to light up your book as you will be reading. It is therefore a really good lighting solution for hotel rooms, for living rooms, or for any interior space that needs a soothing atmosphere.
  • Muuto Ambit Pendant Light
    135,15 € 159,00 € -15% In stock
    The clean lines and soft colours give this handmade pendant lamp a real Scandinavian look & feel. The different sizes ensure that the all-round Ambit series can be used throughout the house.
  • Buster + Punch Hooked 1.0 Pendant
    249,41 € 293,42 € -15% In stock
    A single light pendant made from solid metal and featuring the Buster signature, the cross-knurl pattern. Easily adjustable in height by the supplied hook.
  • Nemo Lampe de Marseille
    483,39 € 568,70 € -15% In stock
    Specifically from the hands and mind of Le Corbusier and directed to the Unité d`Habitation of Marseille, the Lampe de Marseille is an installation of flair, design and functionality. 
  • Astro Roma Wall Lamp
    141,33 € 176,66 € -20% In stock
    Modern and contemporary wall lamp with a wonderful glass lamp cover which diffused a soft light.
  • Anglepoise 90 Mini Mini Desk Lamp
    115,71 € 136,12 € -15% In stock
    The Anglepoise 90 Mini Mini Desk Lamp is the mini and updated version of the original Model 90 lamp by Anglepoise. This lamp, powered by USB and extremely flexible, is one of the best choices for a busy office, or late-night students.
  • Eno Studio Plus Wall Lamp
    200,60 € 236,00 € -15% In stock
    Designed by Eno Studio, the Plus Wall lamp maximizes the luminous effect by spreading the light softly and evenly towards the ceiling and the ground. This lighting solution combines efficiently the aesthetic and the functional aspects and will certainly add a modern touch to your rooms.
  • New Works Karl-Johan Wall Lamp
    199,19 € 248,98 € -20% In stock
    The Karl-Johan wall light illuminates the darkest corners of the home in a subtle and soothing way.
  • Lodes Laser Cube Wall Light
    175,45 € In stock
    Laser is a compact, versatile light fixture in the shape of a box with an attractive architectural look. From its painted steel structure, available in two sizes and three different finishes, the LED light source diffuses a functional and evocative two-way light that creates plays of light and shadow on the wall.
  • New Works Karl Johan Pendant Lamp
    263,19 € 328,99 € -20% Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Thanks to its simple design and finish, the Karl-Johan pendant lamp can be fitted into both ultra-modern and classic interiors.
  • Seletti Monkey indoor/outdoor Lamp
    220,15 € 259,00 € -15% In stock
    Seletti’s Monkey Lamp series consists of a number of separate entities combined to create the ultimate jungle-like lighting solution. A crazy and crafty family of sitting, standing and hanging monkeys. Monkey lamps have a strong theatrical impact in which art, design and the world of nature blend together creating magical products. The perfect scenography...
  • New Works Karl Johan Table Lamp
    199,19 € 248,98 € -20% In stock
    The Karl-Johan table lamp is the first lamp from this collection. A calming lamp that consists of a soft, round lampshade made of mouth-blown glass and a base made of marble or oak.
  • Louis Poulsen Cirque
    263,50 € 310,00 € -15% In stock
    The Cirque pendant lights are colourful, bold and unique in shape. These pendant lights provide plenty of direct light downwards. The white reflector inside the aluminium lampshade ensures that the light does not dazzle.
  • Astro Mast Light Wall Lamp
    96,80 € 121,00 € -20% Shipped within 1-2 weeks
    Astro Mast Light is a wall sealing lamp perfect to shine a front wall. The lamp works with a GU10 bulb not included, this lets the advantage of the bulb choice and is a guarantee of sustainability because it is possible to change the source over time without changing the frame. 
  • Frandsen Ball Wall Lamp
    84,70 € Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The Frandsen Ball Wall Lamp is a genuine vintage icon and masterpiece. The circular spot light of Ball Wall Lamp by Frandsen is magnetized on the base, meaning that you can easily move it around. The rounded diffuser has been carefully designed to minimize glare as it effectively illuminate computer desks, beds, and reading corners, while the light flows...
  • Umage Eos Up Wall/Ceiling Lamp
    92,65 € 109,00 € -15% In stock
    The Umage Eos Up is the perfect companion for small spaces in need of big designs. Eos Up gives a soft, warm light that adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior decor. Its clever construction makes it easy to mount directly onto the ceiling or wall.
  • Wever & Ducre Ray Mini GU10
    73,81 € Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Ray Mini is a wall spot. Made in aluminium, it has an industrial style. Suits to any design indoor space.
  • Wall lamp bulb
    21,95 € In stock
    Design wall lamp letting appear all the beauty of a bulb. 
  • Astro Ascoli Single Switched
    94,86 € 118,58 € -20% In stock
    The easy installation and an LED bulb of this light save your costs in the long run. With the Astro Ascoli Single Switched, add a nice touch to your bedside while enjoying the cordless light to read your favorite novels and stories.
  • Graypants Moon
    179,99 € 211,75 € -15% In stock
    Responsibly reimagining cardboard boxes. From functional box to fashionable beauty, the Graypants Scraplight series transforms ordinary packing material into extraordinarily creative lighting. With its shapely figure and unique light diffusion, presents a warm, modern alternative to cold contemporary plastic lights while benefiting the environment at...
  • Umage Silvia Pendant
    50,15 € 59,00 € -15% In stock
    The Umage Silvia lampshade is a modern classic that suits every home. The lamp is characterized by its triangular, organically shaped blades. The lamp is available in two sizes and four different colors: white, copper, steel or black and gold.
  • New Works Bowl table lamp
    239,18 € 298,98 € -20% In stock
    The New Works Bowl is a cosy looking table lamp, a real mood enhancer for your interior.
  • Umage Aluvia
    254,15 € 299,00 € -15% Shipped within 1-2 weeks
    With characteristic geometrical blades made from aluminium, the Aluvia lamp has a distinctive edge, while being lightweight and durable at the same time.
  • Catellani & Smith Lederam W Wall Lamp
    413,82 € 459,80 € -10% Shipped within 4-5 weeks
    Have a “sun” on your wall with the exquisite wall lamp, the Catellani & Smith Lederam W. It is sure to be available in just the correct chic color combination for your taste. The swiveling discs gives this lamp a uniquely different look from any spot-wall lamp like it. Your visitors will fall in love with this ”sun like” chic wall décor and lamp.
  • Flos IC Lights Pendant
    408,00 € 480,00 € -15% In stock
    The Flos IC Lights Pendant Lamp is a beautiful lighting fixture that will delight every interior and design enthusiast. In addition to its unique design, this pendant lamp is also very efficient in terms of lighting.
  • Flos Snoopy Table Lamp
    833,00 € 980,00 € -15% In stock
    The Flos Snoopy is a unique and striking table lamp that adds a special touch to your interior. The Snoopy table lamp spreads direct but soft light and is dimmable.
  • Flos Bon Jour Unplugged Table Lamp
    242,25 € 285,00 € -15% Shipped within 3-6 weeks
    Bon Jour Unplugged table lamp is the wireless version of the Bon Jour collection. Basic, small and light and, thanks to the revolutionary Edge Lighting Technology, a technological masterpiece. SHADE NOT INCLUDED. Please select the lampshade of your choice below.
  • Ay Illuminate Nama Suspension
    344,25 € 405,00 € -15% Shipped within 1-2 weeks
    Rattan form of brightness in the Nama Suspension design, elaborates glow in the most subtle and soft way, detailing an inner space with a visually impressive appearance.
  • Muuto Rime Pendant Lamp
    458,15 € 539,00 € -15% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Light up your interior, both literally and figuratively, with the Muuto Rime Pendant Lamp. This hanging lamp in semi-transparent glass provides both subtle light and a subtle look.
  • Umage Asteria Micro Pendant Lamp
    109,65 € 129,00 € -15% Shipped within 1-2 weeks
    A small lamp with a great personality. Built-in LED technology with white diffuser Minimal design with elegant brass details Hang Asteria micro by itself, side by side or in a cluster of three Available in 11 colors
  • John Green Tab Shade
    89,25 € 105,00 € -15% In stock
    A versatile, simple and beautiful designed piece De Tab lamp shade brings a great athmosphere to your space with it's pleasant light and surprising use of wood. De Tab shade is available in oak or walnut, it’s flat packed and designed for simple home assembly.
  • Northern Birdy Wall Lamp
    312,66 € 367,84 € -15% In stock
    Created with a strong reference to the designer’s mantra that all lights should be fun to use, and bridge the gap between everyday functionality and luxury and style, the Northern Lighting Birdy Wall Lamp is a functional source of light for any interior.
  • Northern Buddy Table Lamp
    283,87 € 333,96 € -15% In stock
    Keep your desk tidy and clean with the Northern Lighting Buddy lamp that comes with a nice pen tray built in. With an adjustable lampshade, this lamp is made of steel and available in multiple colors that will serve in many good occasions.
  • Menu Peek Table Lamp
    258,15 € 303,71 € -15% In stock
    Simplified, modest and quaint - these words perfectly describe a table lamp Peek by the Swedish designer Jonas Vagellal. This is the table iteration of the floor lamp with the same name and you can now get this perfect item for your table or a busy office desk.
  • Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp
    258,64 € 287,37 € -10% Shipped within 4-6 weeks
    The Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp is part of the most sophisticated Anglepoise collection. It counts with the original Anglepoise spring technology that allows it to be completely flexible in order to place the light wherever it is needed. It is a great addition to any room or desk space.
  • Flos IC Lights Ceiling/Wall Lamp
    408,00 € 480,00 € -15% Shipped within 3-6 weeks
    Modern, chic, architectural and sophisticated, the Flos IC Lights Ceiling/Wall shows that you can add a unique personal touch to your interior with lighting.
  • Buster + Punch Hooked 3.0 Pendant
    574,24 € 675,58 € -15% In stock
    A pendant made up of three light pendants, each with their own customising hook, and matte rubber detailing. This pendant is a one of a kind lamps that brings elegance and a mind-blowing sense of style. The bright and warm glow light up every place it is used.
  • Seletti Monkey Indoor Lamp
    215,90 € 254,00 € -15% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Seletti’s Monkey Lamp series consists of a number of separate entities combined to create the ultimate jungle-like lighting solution. A crazy and crafty family. Monkey lamps have a strong theatrical impact in which art, design and the world of nature blend together creating magical products. The perfect scenography for your home.
  • Schneid Pirum
    194,65 € 229,00 € -15% In stock
    Pirum is the smallest lamp of the series A. Due to an elaborate structure, the light subtly comes through the thin wooden slats, casts a glare-free light and creates a natural ambiance. This lamp impresses with its warm and descent lighting and its new organic shape that suits living- and dining areas perfectly. Pirum is hand manufactured of untreated,...
  • Northern Birdy Table Lamp
    378,49 € 445,28 € -15% In stock
    With the severity of the contour lines, the Northern Lighting Birdy Table Lamp really resembles the silhouette of a bird. This multipurpose lamp is indispensable to perform office tasks, and to illuminate the pages of your favorite book while relaxing.
  • Lightyears Night Owl
    160,20 € 178,00 € -10% Shipped within 1-2 weeks
    The Night Owl Table lamp is obviously not your ordinary lamp. At first glance, it is impossible to ignore its round and bold design. The effect of its light is also different because it provides a downward and oval diffusion of the light.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°214 wall lamp
    454,60 € 534,82 € -15% Shipped within 2 weeks
    The Gras Wall Lamp n°214 from DCW Editions, is a lamp whose height is adjustable thanks to the bar on which it is fixed. You can adjust the height as you would with a shower ; it's very simple and therefore perfect to be used in any room of your choice.
  • Marset Ginger Table Lamp
    781,66 € Shipped within 3-6 weeks
    Three variations of table lamps by Joan Gaspar for the Ginger collection by Marset.
  • Marset Aura Lamp
    329,12 € In stock
    This Aura wall lamp from Marset is both a decorative object and a magnificent source of light. 
  • Marset Sun Lamp
    511,83 € In stock
    Gorgeous "Soleil" ceiling lamp from Marset. 
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