Artemide Curiosity Floor Lamp

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The Artemide Curiosity Floor Lamp is modern type of lamp having a contemporary characteristics that is decorative and versatile with a small removable diffuser.

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  • Curiosity 36
  • Curiosity 36 with Sphere
  • Curiosity 45
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Brand: Artemide

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This table lamp was inspired by the universe of the "cabinet of curiosity" - was born from the desire to offer a small exhibition to all those who wish to showcase an object under its light. It is a lamp produced by the brand Artemide and designed by Davide Oppizzi for the company’s 2019 collection.

The Artemide Curiosity Floor Lamp is a luminaire that give every user the freedom to imagine the presentation of the lamp. It one of the modern lamp manufactured by Artemide, the lamp is made of metal and aluminum. It a quite simple lamp that structurally, it is made into a rectangular shape while at the top centre of the lamp is embedded an LED for its lighting characteristics. The inner parts of the rectangular structure remains void as the aluminum/metal are lined singly at four points like a picture frame without a background or image.

The Artemide Curiosity Floor Lamp has four types; the curiosity 36 which could either be ambience, focus or with sphere while the other is curiosity 45. The major difference is the size and dimension. Curious 36 is 35.5 cm high, a length of 18 cm and width of 18 cm while Curious 45 is 45 cm high, a length and width of 25cm.

Data sheet
Material Aluminium
Dimensions Curiosity 36: L: 18 cm x H: 35.5 cm; Curiosity 36 - With Sphere: L: 18 cm x H: 35.5 cm; Curiosity 45: L: 21 cm x H: 45 cm
Color Black-brown
Designer Davide Oppizzi
Brand Artemide
Made in Italy
Max. Watt 3.6W
Voltage 220-240V
Colour temperature 3000K
Date of design 2019
Power - Lumens 430lm
CRI 80
Article Number 0174010A, 0175010A, 0176010A

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