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The Orient pendant is a flawless light design with good luminous efficacy and made from the finest quality materials.

The pendant light was created by Jo Hammerborg in 1963 for one of the most important Danish lighting companies of the time, Fog & Morup.

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  • P1: Ø: 22.5cm x H: 24.5cm
  • P2: Ø: 34cm x H: 37cm
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Brand: Lightyears


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Orient Pendant story

The Orient pendant is a flawless light design with good luminous efficacy and made from the finest quality materials. The pendant light was created by Jo Hammerborg in 1963 for one of the most important Danish lighting companies of the time, Fog & Morup.

Exactly 50 years on from the lamp’s creation, Lightyears has chosen to relaunch Orient in close cooperation with the Hammerborg family, the heirs of Jo Hammerborg’s design.

The organic mode of expression beautifully connects the deep, vibrant copper glow and the rosewood top. The rosewood’s dark grain creates a natural connection with the tightly woven black textile cord. The lamp has 24 narrow, vertical slots at the top of the genuine copper shade allowing light to filter through. The fitting elegantly conceals the low energy light source and ensures a soft, pleasant light without any glare.

The Lightyears Orient pendant is available in two versions: P1 and P2. The shade of the Orient P1 has a height of 24,5 centimeter and a diameter of 22,5 cm. The Orient P2 is a bit bigger and has a shade of 37cm height and 34cm diameter. Both versions are available with a cable of 3 or 6 meter.

Brand & Designer

Lightyears Logo

Lightyears takes pride in creating luminous lighting products that combine tradition and renewal. The core ambition of their collection lies in the fusion of the young and the established. They love the curiosity and boldness of the up-and-coming generation, and they respect the skill and the trained eye of the experienced designers.

Their collection offers modern interpretations of everyday lighting products, and they hope that their collection can shed light on new takes on how and where to use contemporary illumination. This season Lightyears proudly present three new lamps created by some of Europe’s most renowned and talented designers. They hope you’ll love them as much as they do.

Lightyears Material  Lightyears Material  Lightyears Material

Product Philosophy

Lightyears does not put just any lamp into production. The most important requirement is a fusion of form and function, and that the lamp provides optimum illumination. Every single detail must have its own purpose, and not exist purely for the sake of design.

The combination of progressive and timeless aesthetics is the golden thread that runs through all of our product series, tangibly expressed through functional design and refined lighting technology. Thus, their product assortment presents a new and pioneering order of modern design and quality illumination. In this sense, they know that their name brings obligation. But it also proves their commitment to being light years ahead!

Lightyears Material  Lightyears Material

All the production is handmade by experienced craftsman.

Jo Hammerborg

Jo Hammerborg

Johannes (Jo) Hammerborg grew up on the outskirts of Randers in a regular middle-class family. He trained as a silversmith, participated in Denmark’s resistance and struggle for freedom in 1940-45 as a saboteur, studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and worked as a silversmith at Georg Jensen. In 1957, he was hired as chief designer at the lamp manufacturer Fog & Mørup, where he worked until 1980.

He was a pronounced idea person and entrepreneur, who throughout his entire life initiated and developed the things he was passionate about. He was a key driving force for Fog & Mørup, and it was under his leadership that the company experienced their most creative and commercially successful period. With a distinct design philosophy, great insight in elimination technique and a profound understanding of form, function and aesthetics, he created over 180 different designs of lamps, several of which have received international awards. In 1980, Fog & Mørup underwent a series of mergers, and in the late 90s ceased production of his designs.

In his private life Jo Hammerborg was an active and very versatile athlete who, along with his professional career, was also a pioneer in parachuting and flying. In a tragic manner, it was his great passion for skydiving which cost him his life when, at the age of only 62, he died in an accident.

And now decades later, when his coveted lamps which are in high demand are being sold in antique shops, in 2013 it will again finally be possible to buy a newly manufactured, Jo Hammerborg lamp. Lightyears has, in cooperation with the Hammerborg family, decided to relaunch the Orient pendants. Jo Hammerborg’s innovative contributions to Danish lamp design have a natural place in the 21st century.

Data sheet
MaterialCopper - Rosewood
DimensionsP1: Ø: 22,5cm x H: 24,5cm - P2: Ø: 34cm x H: 37cm
Cable length3m - 6m
DesignerJo Hammerborg
Made inDenmark
Bulb includedNo
Max. WattP1: Max 60W - P2: Max 75W
Appliance classesClass II

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