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Tala’s Voronoi I is motivated by the brand’s belief in sustainability. As such, the Voronoi offering is based on the Voronoi design which can be discovered amid the forest canopy. The rounded form of the filament is reminiscent of the Fibonacci designs found within the pine cones and ferns throughout the grounding of the forest.

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Brand: Tala


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The Voronoi I bulb maintains the following specifications: 120 - 240V, 2 Watt, CRI > 95, E26 / E27 Base, 80 Lumens, Mercury Free, 40 Lumens / Watt, and warm-tinted at 2200k. The light holds 20 000 switch cycles. The Voronoi I is also dimmable with trailing edge dimmers and has an average lifespan of 20 000 hours. As a side not, the pendant attachment, enabling the light to be suspended from the ceiling, is sold as a separate entity.


The Voronoi I light is definitely on point with the current trend of ‘naked’ light bulbs. Restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, business owners, and even homeowners are coming onboard with the idea of having a minimalistic lighting solution in the form of a bulb suspended from a wire. This, however, has now given way to various designs of the bulb itself. The Voronoi I maintains a sleek design and, when hung alongside a couple of others, makes a stylish, elegant statement. Furthermore, the form of the filament within the bulb adds an intricacy to the overall design that is often lacking in the average naked bulb.

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About the brand:

Tala is an award-winning lighting brand, founded on the premise that good design can help mitigate climate change. From their London-based studio, they explore the tension between sustainability, technology and design through their wide-ranging collections.

Their aim is to elevate the humble light bulb to a design object. From the functional to the decorative, their LED lights illuminate the interiors of residential homes, offices, designer studios, stores, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

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Data sheet
Material Glass
Dimensions 125x175mm
Brand Tala
Made in United-Kingdom
Socket type lamp E26/E27
Max. Watt 2W
Voltage 120 - 240V
Technical information Dimmable with Trailing Edge dimmers Mercury Free
Remarks Switch Cycles: 20,000 Average Lifespan: 20,000 hours
Colour temperature 2200K
Power - Lumens 80 Lumens 40 Lumens / Watt

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