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Step into the heart of your home: the living room. This versatile sanctuary seamlessly adapts to your ever-changing needs, offering a space where relaxation, dining, reading, movie nights, and cherished moments with loved ones effortlessly intertwine.

Each activity demands its own lighting ambiance – a gentle glow for reading, cinematic illumination for movies, and a warm ambiance for dining. Our guide is your compass, helping you navigate the diverse lighting needs of your living room. From selecting the right fixtures for your dining area to creating cozy reading corners, we've got you covered.

As the epicenter of your daily life, crafting its layout and lighting is paramount. Warm color temperatures (2700K and/or 3000K) 💡 infuse coziness, while delicately placed pockets of light add a touch of evening allure, ushering in moments of intimacy and warmth.

Transform your living room into a warm, comfortable haven with tailored lighting solutions for relaxation, dining, reading, and more.


The dining area

When it comes to illuminating your dining table, consider placing an eye-catching pendant light directly above it. This fixture not only occupies the space but also sets the ambiance, whether it's on or off. Opt for a sizable pendant (around ±1m in diameter, for instance) or arrange several smaller ones in line with the table's axis.

Keep in mind that the chosen pendant's lighting direction can vary based on the model you fall in love with:

  • For a diffuse effect (light disperses throughout the room, without a specific focus on the table).
  • Directed downwards (light is concentrated on the table, creating an intimate and well-lit atmosphere).
  • Directed both downwards and upwards (accentuated light on the table while also illuminating the room).

For greater flexibility, explore options if your table's position isn't fixed: consider articulated arms, track-mounted spotlights, or battery-powered table lamps.


The sitting area (TV area)

Indulge in a soft, diffused light that emanates from the sides rather than the center, providing a restful gaze. Play with concealed lighting troughs for indirect illumination (with the option of dimming 💡 and/or color temperature adjustment 💡), complemented by exquisite table or floor lamps for a delicate, "touch of light" effect. These lamps can exhibit an even warmer color temperature (2200K to 2500K).

Depending on the layout, you might enrich the ambiance with built-in furniture lighting, the addition of wall sconces, or the accentuation of artworks or textures through adjustable spotlights. Prioritize comfort while avoiding overly dazzling lights, ensuring a welcoming and cozy environment.

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