Indoor Lighting Pendant Lighting 101 Copenhagen No. 2 Pendant Lamp

101 Copenhagen No. 2 Pendant Lamp

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101 Copenhagen No. 2 Pendant Lamp
101 Copenhagen No. 2 Pendant Lamp
101 Copenhagen No. 2 Pendant Lamp
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The 101 Copenhagen No 2 Pendant Lamp moves in the area of excitement in the midst of theatre and decadence with piercingly cut crystal, valiant pattern combinations, and a blasting color blends. No. 2 pendant lamps are collection of lamps that seduce their audience and push the norms with crystal magical reflections.

The 101 Copenhagen No. 2 Pendant Lamp is such a pendant lamp with an Art Deco stimulated socket detail. The No. 2 Pendant Lamp by 101 Copenhagen is simply proportions and details with its final creation resulting in a lot of small proposals and adjustments. This Pendant Lamp comes with an opal glass bulb that produces a temperate and affectionate lighting, even as the vertical lines located on the socket adds a sparkling quality to the pendant lamp.

The 101 No. 2 by Copenhagen can be used as a collection of a lot of pendants or as just a single pendant. The diameter of No. 2 Pendant Lamp is 135mm while it is 300mm high.

The 101 Copenhagen No. 2 Pendant Lamp is a direct/indirect light aluminum pendant lamp crafted with Opal glass and Aluminum materials by Tommy Hyldahl and Kristian Sofus Hansen for 101 Copenhagen. No. 2 Pendant Lamp is a matchless, stylish, and ground-breaking pendant light that will light up your critical spaces in the best way. It is a teamwork of the rystal experts and specialists who have many years of experience when it comes to decorative lighting. The No. 2 Copenhagen 101 Pendant Lamp is nothing but a unique and hand-made decadent and crystal pendant lamp of the lighting industry.

Brands > 101 Copenhagen
Designed by
Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
101 Copenhagen No. 2 Pendant Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    Ø: 13.5 cm x H: 30 cm
  2. Material

    Glass, Plated metal
  3. Designer

    Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl
Assembly Instructions

101 Copenhagen No. 2 Pendant Lamp