Indoor Lighting Pendant Lighting Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant

Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant

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Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant
Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant
Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant
Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant
Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant
Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant
Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant
Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant
Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant

Glass Color

Black Transparent (CGC 602)

Wood Color

European Oak - stained black (CCS 592)

Glass Type

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The Brokis Shadows is a lamp created with the well known and timeless French Atelier pendant spot in the back of the mind. You can choose different kind of glass as shade. These shades get mounted on a wooden neck. These very variable pendants let your creativity flow. For all possible combinations, watch below.

The pureness of this lamp and the nice shape of it are accentuated by a hidden warm LED spot.

Just like the other Brokis lamps, this one is produced in their own fabric in Czech Republic, a country that is well known for their artisan glass making.

The pendant is also available as set of 5 or 10 lamps combined together, and in a XL version.

The Brokis Shadows is existing in 4 different forms of glass:

  • PC894: D250mm x H159mm
  • PC895: D280mm x H123mm
  • PC896: D189mm x H170mm
  • PC897: D108mm x H138mm

Glass Color

When choosing the color of the glass, you have 7 different options. You can also choose the finish of the lamp; Glossy or Acid-etched (matte). Here below all the different colors available:

Up the glossy colors, down the matte colors.

From left to right: Smoke Brown, Smoke Grey, Black Triplex Opal, Black Transparant, Transparant, Triplex Opal, Opaline.

As you can see there is not much difference, just keep in mind that the glossy colors are more reflective.

Wood Colors

You can choose between 5 different sorts of wood. 

From left to right: European Oak Untreated- European Oak Natural Waxed - European Oak Tinted Black - European Oak Stained White - American Walnut

Cable Colors

From left to right: Yellow - White - Red - Grey - Black

Examples of different combinations

As you can see, lots of combinations are possible. Here are some examples explained.

Brokis Shadows with Smoke Grey Matte Glass - EEuropean Oak Tinted Black - Black Wire

Brokis Shadows with black transparent Glossy Glass - European Oak Tinted Black - Black wire

Brokis Shadows with Opaline Glossy Glass - American Walnut - White Cable

Brokis Shadows with smoke grey Glossy Glass - European Oak Tinted Black - Black Cable

Brands > Brokis
Bulb included
Designed by
Lucie Koldova
72 variants possible
Product Information
Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant
  1. Dimensions

    PC894: D250mm x H195mm
  2. Cable length

  3. Bulb included

  4. Socket type lamp

  5. Kelvin

  6. Number of lamps

  7. Designer

    Lucie Koldova

Brokis Shadows PC894 Pendant

Black Transparent (CGC 602), European Oak - stained black (CCS 592), Glossy