Living Interior Hardware Buster + Punch Precious Bar Lock

Buster & Punch Precious Bar Lock

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Buster + Punch Precious Bar Lock
Buster + Punch Precious Bar Lock
Buster + Punch Precious Bar Lock
Buster + Punch Precious Bar Lock



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    L: 110mm x H: 100mm

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The Buster + Punch Precious Bar is all you need for your console units, free-standing furniture, cabinet doors, and all other items with 2 side-by-side openable doors. Buying Precious Bar by Buster + Punch for your home makes you a Rockstar.

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Designed by
Massimo Buster Minale
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1 variant possible
Product Information
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  2. Material

  3. Dimensions

    L: 110mm x H: 100mm
  4. Technical Information

    1 solid metal precious bar, Consisting of: 2 vertical plate pulls, 1 horizontal fixing bar, 1 padlock, Rear fixing, Fits doors of: Max 20mm *For thicker doors you will need to source longer M4 screws
  5. Remarks

    4x M4 x 25 screws, 1x Padlock
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Meet the designer

Massimo Buster Minale is a renowned designer known for his innovative contributions to product design and branding. As the founder of Buster + Punch, a London-based design studio, Minale blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics to create bold and stylish lighting, furniture, and hardware designs. His work reflects a commitment to quality and innovation, producing high-end pieces that exude sophistication and elegance. Through collaborations with leading brands and institutions, Minale continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, inspiring audiences worldwide with cutting-edge designs.

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Buster + Punch Precious Bar Lock