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Faro Sticker Beacon

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Faro Sticker Beacon
Faro Sticker Beacon
Faro Sticker Beacon
Faro Sticker Beacon
Faro Sticker Beacon
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Also in the search for a combination of straight lines and rounded edges comes the design for the Sticker LED dark grey beacon lamp. This lamp is also designed for the outdoors and since it comes with the fact that it must not be pinned to a wall, the beacon light is virtually portable and has everything that you would love from an outdoor lamp.

Not only does it have the ability to be moved and set to wherever you please and wherever the design suits it, the Sticker Beacon Lamp is also great functionally. The lamp emits an LED light that is warm in nature. The light bulb is responsible for only 10W of power, but it is still strong enough to be functionally purposeful in its setting. The bulb is also included.

The Sticker Beacon is made of aluminum with a PMMA diffuser. It is a bit heavier, which makes it a good candidate to stay sturdy in the outdoor area. For instance the wind, or outdoor movements of a garden will not be a threat to this lamp. It is 720 mm in height and 90 mm in width.

The beacon lamp is designed by Lucid, which is a design company that boasts their purposeful products. Not only are they responsible for designing products that matter, they also create inspiring brands, and smart strategies to be in line with what each of their consumers and clients desire. They base their business models off of what the market wants and sign it in line with sustainable profits.

The Sticker Beacon is an innovative and highly effective design in their collection, which will be a great fit for not only your outdoor themed environment, but leaves a timeless connection to its user and the space.

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Bulb included
Designed by
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Product Information
Faro Sticker Beacon
  1. Dimensions

    L: 150 mm X H: 720 mm
  2. Material

    Aluminium and PMMA difusser
  3. Weight

    2.42 kg
  4. Ip feature

  5. Bulb included

  6. Max watt

  7. Appliance classes

    Class I
  8. Width

    90 mm
  9. Designer

  10. Voltage

  11. Technical information

    Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz, Volume: 0.02264 m3.
Assembly Instructions

Faro Sticker Beacon