Indoor Lighting Table Lamps Forestier Carpa Table Lamp

Forestier Carpa Table Lamp

Forestier Carpa Table Lamp
Forestier Carpa Table Lamp

Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    H: 58 cm x W: 39 cm x D: 34 cm

  • Material

    Bamboo, textile cable

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The Carpa Table Lamp from Forestier is a handy lighting fixture. It makes a great ornamental home accent. This table lamp is unique because it is far more flexible and functional than most of the other lighting systems out there. It is a modern lighting system that brings statements into your décor setting in grand style. In addition, it contours your living spaces with warm and friendly pools of ambient light.

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Bulb included
Designed by
Jette Scheib
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
  1. Designer

  2. Material

    Bamboo, textile cable
  3. Dimensions

    H: 58 cm x W: 39 cm x D: 34 cm
  4. Weight

    2.51 kg
  5. Bulb included

  6. Socket Type Bulb

  7. Max Watt

  8. Technical Information

    Switch & Plug: Yes
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Meet the designer

Jette Scheib is a German industrial designer known for her innovative and functional creations in furniture and product design. With a background in industrial design from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Scheib established her own design studio, Jette Scheib Design, where she collaborates with various companies to develop unique and practical designs. Her work is characterized by clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and a focus on user experience, often incorporating sustainable materials and production methods. Through her innovative approach and attention to detail, Scheib has earned recognition in the design industry for her contributions to creating environmentally conscious and user-friendly designs.

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Forestier Carpa Table Lamp