Outlet Second Chance Graypants Moon White (Moon 14) - Second Chance

Graypants Moon White (Moon 14) - Second Chance

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Graypants Moon White (Moon 14) - Second Chance
Graypants Moon White
Graypants Moon White

This is a second chance of Moon White

Variant info:

Moon 14


  • Complete with undamaged accessories/parts
  • Completely new, but with scratches
  • Showroom model, has been used before


Ther packaging is not original


Moon 14: Ø: 36cm x H: 31cm

Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    Moon 14: Ø36 x H 31cm

  • Material

    Recycled cardboard

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A combination of the laser technology and handcraft make each Moon lamp slightly different, which also makes your lamp unique. The recognizable cardboard light is magnificent scattered through space. This unique and is beautiful lamp works great in an environmentally friendly space.

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Bulb not Included
Designed by
Seth Grizzle & Jonathan Junker
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
  1. Designer

  2. Material

    Recycled cardboard
  3. Dimensions

    Moon 14: Ø36 x H 31cm
  4. Cable Length

  5. Cable Color

  6. Bulb included

  7. Socket Type Bulb

  8. Max Watt

    Moon 10 & 14: 40W - Moon 18: 60W
  9. Number of bulbs

  10. Appliance Classes

    Class I
  11. Technical Information

    2 meter long black fabric cord + cable set with matching powder-coated ceiling canopy
  12. Product Code

  13. Color

  14. Brand - Product Type


Meet the designer

Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker are the co-founders of Graypants, a Seattle-based design firm known for its innovative and sustainable designs. Both studied architecture at the University of Cincinnati and blend their technical skills and creative vision to produce unique, functional, and environmentally responsible designs. Founded in 2007, Graypants gained international recognition for its Scraplight series, which transforms repurposed cardboard into artistic lighting fixtures. With studios in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants excels in various design disciplines, solidifying its reputation as a leader in contemporary design through its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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Graypants Moon White (Moon 14) - Second Chance

Moon 14: Ø: 36cm x H: 31cm