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Gubi A1965 Pendant

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Gubi A1965 Pendant
Gubi A1965 Pendant


Polished Brass Shade

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    Shade - Ø:46 cm x 26 cm, Lamp Height: 26 cm

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Made in 1947, this classic is still one of the most effortless-looking pendants in the market. It is available in four beautiful colors, a solid and elegant build. It is the perfect pendant for your home.

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Designed by
Paavo Tynell
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
  1. Designer

  2. Date of Design

  3. Material

  4. Dimensions

    Shade - Ø:46 cm x 26 cm, Lamp Height: 26 cm
  5. Weight

    5.7 kg
  6. Cable Length

    3.8 m
  7. Socket Type Bulb

  8. 810 lm
  9. Product Code

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Meet the designer

Paavo Tynell (1890–1973) was a Finnish lighting designer renowned for his craftsmanship and contributions to mid-century modern design. Originating from Helsinki, Tynell began as a blacksmith before transitioning to lighting design. His work is characterized by delicate forms, intricate detailing, and premium materials like brass and glass. Tynell's ability to create soft, diffused lighting earned him acclaim, with iconic pieces like the "Snowflake" pendant lamp remaining highly coveted. Collaborating with renowned firms, Tynell's legacy as a pioneer in lighting design endures, inspiring contemporary designers worldwide.

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Gubi A1965 Pendant

Polished Brass Shade