Indoor Lighting Floor Lamps GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp

GubiGUBI BL3 Floor Lamp

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GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp
Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp
Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp
Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp
Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp
Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp




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The BL3 floor lamp by Gubi is a Bauhaus masterpiece.

Designed according to the pure and firm lines that characterized the Bauhaus movement, this lamp cannot leave you indifferent.

This lamp is an exquisite blend of aesthetics and functionality, and adopts the dichotomous design quite nicely.



There is a certain serenity and voluptuousness to this Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp

Available in two sizes, the shape and practicality of the BL3 Floor Lamp creates a fine line between simplicity and highly functional ornamentation.

A unique floor lamp by its forms and its style with Scandinavian tendencies

Lampe GUBI - BL3 Floor Lamp (M)


Available in two finishes - copper or chrome - the BL3 Floor's sleek, chic structure highlights its modern design. Its simple aesthetic is strongly reminiscent of the authentic modernity that was in full swing when Robert Dudley first conceived the design. Still, the design of BL3 Floor Lamp is versatile enough to complement any kind of contemporary interior design. Its clear style would be absolutely stunning, combined with the fluidity of the contemporary aesthetic.


Gubi Bestlite BL3 S Floor Lamp | AmbienteDirect

The trendy style of the BL3 Floor Lamp is only half the package. Its enviable functionality makes up the other half. The lamp features an agile design with its adjustable armature - where both vertical and horizontal adjustment are guaranteed - as well as a movable shade. It can be used both as a reading lamp and as a free-standing decorative lamp. 

Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp


Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp is the pinnacle of iconic industrial designs. Even to this day, it continues to be a professional and conventional favorite.

BL3 Floor Lamp 16 Chrome | Gubi | MetropolitanDecor

Brands > Gubi
Bulb not Included
Designed by
Robert Dudley
Made in
15 variants possible
Product Information
GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    Small: Lamp height: 1130-1520 mm Lamp stand: Ø280 mm Shade height: 140 mm Shade diameter: Ø160 mm Medium: Lamp height: 1130-1520 mm, Lamp stand: Ø280 mm, Shade height: 180 mm, Shade diameter: Ø210 mm
  2. Material

    Aluminium, Steel
  3. Weight

    5426 g
  4. Ip feature

  5. Cable length

    App. 4500 mm
  6. Bulb included

  7. Socket type lamp

  8. Max watt

    13W / 28W
  9. Designer

    Robert Dudley
  10. Voltage

  11. Technical information

    Euro plug: Type C, 2 PIN, 2,5 amp, Freqvency: 50 Hz
  12. Power consumption

    9W / 28W

GUBI BL3 Floor Lamp

Brass/Brass, Medium