Indoor Lighting Table Lamps Hay Noc Clamp Lamp

Hay Noc Clamp Lamp

Hay Noc Clamp Lamp
Hay Noc Clamp Lamp
Hay Noc Clamp Lamp


Dark grey

Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    W: 10 cm X D: 14 cm X H: 22 cm

  • Material

    Powder Coated Aluminium

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Lamps are most desired for their practicality, and this is together with a lot more is what you get from the Hay Noc Clamp Lamp. The clamp is also strong enough to hold on to any place used, and the durability ensures that it will never fail you at any point.

When getting a lamp, we all want a versatile design that can be able to fit into any space with ease. This lamp should be able to be moved from place to place. This is exactly what you get with the Hay Noc Clamp Lamp. This lamp is made from environmentally friendly materials that can be easily be recycled, making it a part of the conservation effort. This lamp comes in color black or white, all of
Brands > Hay
Designed by
Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias
Made in
2 variants possible
Product Information
Hay Noc Clamp Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    W: 10 cm X D: 14 cm X H: 22 cm
  2. Material

    Powder Coated Aluminium
  3. Weight

    1 kg
  4. IP Value

  5. Socket Type Bulb

  6. Kelvin

  7. Lumen

  8. Dimmable

  9. Max Watt

  10. Number of bulbs

  11. Designer

    Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias
  12. Remarks

    Inline Switch
  13. Voltage

  14. Product Code


Hay Noc Clamp Lamp

Dark grey