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Kartell E Pendant

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Kartell E Pendant
Kartell E Pendant
Kartell E Pendant
Kartell E Pendant
Kartell E Pendant
Kartell E Pendant
Kartell E Pendant


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With a long arm and an adjustable cable, this lamp offers flexibility as well as an enduring style. Its various colours create a beautiful feature that floats above. If hanged above the dining table or counter it brings an eye-catching feature.

This lamp was designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell. It is a lamp of simple and essential design.

The Kartell E Pendant is a stylish pendant light fixture with a graceful appearance. This beautiful light fixture floats down from the above and extends into a rosette lampshade in matte or transparent polycarbonate. Its pleating design creates an optical refracted effect which is both eye-catching and contemporary. This sleek pendant light will add a sparkling accent to your contemporary home decor. It brings subtle colouration to the room.

Kartell E Pendant lamp has a chrome ceiling rose and has an adjustable height between 20cm and 2,2m. Simply tweak the cable to your desired height to create an ambient focus point from above.

This lamp comes transparent colours of crystal, rose yellow, light blue and in two matte colours of solid white and black. The light works perfectly both commercial and at home, and a variety of colours means that you can buy several to create a fun and striking colour scheme.

The adjustable height allows creating light clusters resulting in a dynamic and eye-catching shape that which could work well as an interesting but subtle spotlight, a showstopping feature light or as a ceiling covered masterpiece.

The Kartell E Pendant is perfect over the dining table, kitchen, countertop or bar.

The raw materials that Kartell uses are entirely recyclable and can be given a new lease of life thanks to material machining processes for industrial-use products. Technological research and development, today just like seventy years ago, enables the company to continue to find materials that can be regenerated and which have no negative impact on the environment.
All product packaging is made of recyclable and regenerable material.

The entire production process supply chain sees Kartell committed to safeguarding the environment and observing sustainability protocols. Every day, Kartell is directly and wholeheartedly involved in laying the foundations and building its story, which is the story of products designed and created thanks to partnerships and investments in technological innovation, creative solutions and new materials that deliver ever-better performance and eco-friendly credentials.

Brands > Kartell
Designed by
Ferruccio Laviani
Made in
7 variants possible
Product Information
Kartell E Pendant
  1. Dimensions

    ∅: 13.5 cm x H: 14.5cm
  2. Material

    Polycarbonate 2.0 from transparent or mass-dyed renewable raw material
  3. Ip feature

  4. Cable length

  5. Socket type lamp

  6. Dimmable

  7. Max watt

  8. Designer

    Ferruccio Laviani
  9. Voltage


Kartell E Pendant