Indoor Lighting Floor Lamps Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp

Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp

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Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp
Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp
Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp
Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp
Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp
Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp


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The NJP floor lamp is extremely convenient and flexible to direct light where needed. This floor lamp has a tilting lampshade and mechanical arms and diffuses both direct and indirect light.

Handy and clear functionality

The NJP collection is a contemporary interpretation of the classic Anglepoise lamp. For designer Oki Sato, design lighting is more than form and colour, it is also an utensil that should be convenient and functional. Each of the lamps is easy to operate via visible mechanism, clearly showing its functions without a manual.

Louis Poulsen dimmable floor lamp flexible mechanism for directing light

The lampshade, too, is more than aesthetics. It was given a chimney-like shape, with the opening at the back not only spreading indirect light, but also serving to release the heat given off by the lamps, thus preventing the metal shade from heating up. Since the ON/OFF button with dimming function is located on the lampshade, an important function, so you can't get burned.

Louis Poulsen NJP floor lamp detailled lampshade

The NJP floor lamp has a lampshade and base that can rotate, it is also pliable in two places for optimal height and light intensity depending on use. A floor lamp that is very handy as a reading lamp, but can certainly also be used as mood lighting thanks to the extra dimming function.

Louis Poulsen NJP floor lamp ideal as reading lamp

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Product Information
Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    Width: 480, Height: 1218, Diameter: 260 Ø
  2. Material

    Base: Steel. Arms and lamp head: Aluminium. Joints: Anodized Aluminium. Stem: Aluminium.
  3. Weight

    Min: 7.2 kg Max: 7.2 kg
  4. Ip feature

  5. Cable length

  6. Power lumens

    White- 529 lm, Black- 550 lm
  7. Max watt

  8. Appliance classes

    Class II
  9. Remarks

    The fixture provides direct glare-free horizontal light while reflecting some of the light through the rear of the head, illuminating the top of the arm. The ergonomic design of the fixture head shapes the light and gives optimal light direction.

Louis Poulsen Njp Floor Lamp