Indoor Lighting Table Lamps Louis Poulsen PH 4-3 Table Lamp

Louis Poulsen PH 4-3 Table Lamp

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Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table
Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table
Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table
Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table
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Table lamps have never been so breath-taking while still affordable as with the Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table Lamp. It promises you everything you would ever want from a lamp with the addition of elegance and grace. This is the best table lamp you could ever ask for.

We are all used to traditional table lamps but here is a dynamic shift from what we have always known. A one of a kind designs that brings a fresh new look and packs so much elegance and allure. This is the Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table Lamp. This lamp is made from the finest materials and is guaranteed to be very durable and efficient. The Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table Lamp is made from environmentally friendly materials that are easily recyclable and it plays a part in protecting the environment. There is nothing you will not love about this table lamp. It packs so much sophistication in an elegant and breath-taking design.

This table lamp is easy to set up and maintain due to the low energy consumption levels that will cause reduced electricity bills and also reduce dependence on current energy sources such as fossil fuels and thus saving you money while still maintaining elegance and beauty. The brightness levels of the Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table Lamp prevent eye-strain and maintain a warm and conducive environment for all your activities. This protects your eyes from harm and also reduces effects to those with eye troubles. The design elegance of this lamp is guaranteed to make your space the envy of many. These breathtaking views will always make your space relaxing and blissful to be in and you will always have your special place to go to uplift your spirit and give you sensational cheer. The Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table Lamp will also re-define your work space and give it that official yet elegant and homey feeling.

Brands > Louis Poulsen
Designed by
Poul Henningsen
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
Louis Poulsen PH 4/3 Table
  1. Dimensions

    Ø : 450 x H: 540
  2. Material

    Shades: Spun aluminium. Base: High lustre chrome plated, spun brass. Stem: High lustre chrome plated, steel. Triangular piece: Black sandblasted, injection moulded bakelite.
  3. Weight

    Min: 2.3 kg Max: 3.0 kg
  4. Ip feature

  5. Cable length

  6. Designer

    Poul Henningsen
  7. Remarks

    The fixture is designed based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs the light downwards. The shades are made of metal and painted white to ensure diffuse, comfortable light distribution.

Louis Poulsen PH 4-3 Table Lamp