Indoor Lighting Rechargeable Lamps Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp

Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp

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Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp
Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp
Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp
Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp
Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp
Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp
Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp
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Travel with or take the The Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp anywhere you go. This rechargeable lamp is the perfect posh companion for any of your lighting needs. Launched in 2017, it has become the favorite ambient light for many.

Following the exact mold in a larger size, the Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp was designed and launched by Inma Bermúdezin 2017. The original FollowMe broke tradition and molded a new path in lighting: a beautiful, portable lamp to carry anywhere. Made into a personal object of light and warmth, the FollowMe was born. After three years and many praises, Marset decided to launch the new version: the Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp,in a larger size and a much greater light output.

The Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp balances its classic precursor. While the original smaller sized FollowMe is perfect for cozy areas, the Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp reproduces the same warm feeling and quality of light with much more power. The Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp stands out because it has the ability to create an entirely new atmosphere in every different place it is used. The Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp is a great addition and can be used as a table lamp, desk lamp, or a floor lamp.

The Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp features an oak handle that sallows it to be carried anywhere. The light surce is LED technology and has a tilting polycarbonate screen that offers atmospheric light and a direct reading light. The finish is available in white-oak only.

Brands > Marset
Bulb included
Designed by
Inma Bermúdez
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    Ø : 18.5 cm x H : 43.5 cm
  2. Material

    Polycarbonate Body and Plywood Handle
  3. Bulb included

  4. Kelvin

  5. Power lumens

  6. Max watt

  7. Designer

    Inma Bermúdez
  8. Remarks

    Rocking opal diffuser and white matte polycarbonate body. Plywood handle with natural oak
  9. Technical information

    Battery life: 5 hours in peak power 10 hours in half power 20 hours in a quarter power Battery charging time: 10h.

Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp