Indoor Lighting Table Lamps Moooi Perch Light Table

Moooi Perch Light Table

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Moooi Perch Light Table
Moooi Perch Light Table
Moooi Perch Light Table
Moooi Perch Light Table
Moooi Perch Light Table
Moooi Perch Light Table
Moooi Perch Light Table
Moooi Perch Light Table
Moooi Perch Light Table
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The Perch Light Table lamp from the Moooi collection features an unconventional design that is instantly attractive because of its unique styling. It showcases a highly conceptual design that is delicate and ephemeral in looks, but sturdy and durable in form and function. This creative juxtaposition is extremely inviting to look at, and is appreciated by users all around the world.

The designer, Umut Yamac took inspiration from the beauty of nature and designed this lamp in the shape of a bird swinging on its perch on a nearby branch. The actual realization of this concept turned out to be truly magical and distinct. The origami bird form emanates an incandescent light that is extremely stylistic and truly wonderful to look at. The unique design of the Perch Light Table mak
Brands > Moooi
Designed by
Umut Yamac
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
Moooi Perch Light Table
  1. Dimensions

    W : 25cm x H: 61.5cm
  2. Material

    Steel, Aluminium, PP
  3. Kelvin

  4. CRI

  5. Power lumens

    Approx 90lm
  6. Designer

    Umut Yamac
  7. Voltage

  8. Power consumption


Moooi Perch Light Table