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Nemo Borne Beton

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Nemo Borne Beton
Nemo Borne Beton
Nemo Borne Beton
Nemo Borne Beton
Nemo Borne Beton


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The Borne Beton, a prestigious and versatile product, is known firsthand for its versatility and viable options for available decoration both indoor and outdoor of your home.

The lamp structure, by Le Corbusier, is also available in both a floor style and table style. These different options produced bring a small variety of options and opportunities for one to take into account to style in any part of their home, including the outside.  Created for the Unité d`habitation de Marseille and for the Bhakra Dam, Sukhna Dam which is in India, in 1952. The Borne Béton Grand
Brands > Nemo
Designed by
Le Corbusier
Made in
2 variants possible
Product Information
Nemo Borne Beton
  1. Dimensions

    Small: H: 31cm X L: 30cm Large: H: 50cm X L: 50cm
  2. Weight

    Large: 53 Kg Small: 13 Kg
  3. Ip feature

    Outdoor: IP65
  4. Socket type lamp

    LED board
  5. Kelvin

  6. Max watt

    Large: 38.4W, Small: 19.2W
  7. Designer

    Le Corbusier
  8. Voltage

  9. Technical information

    Switching: dimmable; Luminous flux: 3800lm (Large), 1900lm (Small); Emission: direct (Small); Typ cri: 80; Energy class: A+
  10. Vendor code

    BBP LDW 23

Nemo Borne Beton