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Northern Circle Pendant Lamp

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Northern Lighting Circle
Northern Lighting Circle
Northern Lighting Circle
Northern Lighting Circle
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The Northern Lighting Circle is a pendant lamp that utilises simple but inviting shapes that play with form and perspective. As well as providing light the bold lines will contrast with existing light, developing additional shadows that will transform as the pendant moves naturally.

Circle is a contemporary move away from traditional form that makes for a charmingly inviting pendant that works as a single centre piece and as part of a collective group.

Circle invites attention over time, due to its every changing three dimensional perspective to the viewer. The simple form is accompanied with a dark grey coating and black rubber cable that ensures the soft glow of the bulb is delicately directed away from the pendant around the space.

The mix of materials and textures within Circle is an invitation into an intimate space to relax, observe and enjoy the organic movement of the steel tubing.
The Northern Lighting Circle is constructed from steel, is available in dark grey and can be hung from the ceiling with a 3.5m black rubber cable. It supports up to a 40W bulb.

About the Designer:

Since graduating from the Institute of Design & Fine Arts in 2017, Finnish designer Hannakaisa Pekkala has been exploring ways of combining traditional methods of production with modern materials and design. Pekkala’s diverse influences of fine art, urban culture and Scandinavian heritage have given her an aesthetic that combines modest forms with functional design, whilst still wanting to inject a sense of contemporary innovation into her work.


The aim of Northern Lighting is to create and inspire. This is achieved through the conception of original ideas so unique that conventional methods appear utterly outdated. 


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Designed by
Hannakaisa Pekkala
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
Northern Lighting Circle
  1. Dimensions

    H: 62cm X W: 30cm
  2. Material

  3. Weight

    0.6 kg
  4. Ip feature

  5. Socket type lamp

  6. Max watt

  7. Designer

    Hannakaisa Pekkala
  8. Wire

    Black rubber, 350 cm
  9. Voltage


Northern Circle Pendant Lamp