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Sammode Gude Wall Lamp

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Sammode Gude
Sammode Gude
Sammode Gude
Sammode Gude
Sammode Gude
Sammode Gude
Sammode Gude


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The Sammode Gude is a well-constructed and thought out design that combines elegant form and materials with versatility and durability. The light is dispersed out through the holes in the metal housing, creating a unique and distinctive 180 degree lighting pattern onto the surface on which it is mounted. If used with a lower light output, the holes will obscure the light partially, diffusing the light and give the fitting a modern and contemporary feel.

The Sammode Gude uses an elegant metallic housing constructed from stainless steel that will reflect natural light as well as create the distinctive patterned diffusion of light. In addition, the Gude is an extremely versatile fitting that can used both indoors and outdoors, on its own as a unique piece or as a group of several lights, spread along a walkway or around an outdoor space. The Sammo
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Bulb included
Designed by
Dominique Perrault & Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost
Made in
2 variants possible
Product Information
Sammode Gude
  1. Dimensions

    Ø : 10cm x L: 36cm
  2. Material

    Crystal quality polycarbonate tube. Marine-grade stainless steel end caps & fixing straps. Grid: Stainless steel perforated grid
  3. Ip feature

  4. Cable length

  5. Bulb included

  6. Socket type lamp

  7. Kelvin

  8. Power lumens

    190 lm
  9. Max watt

  10. Designer

    Dominique Perrault & Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost
  11. Remarks

    This luminaire is delivered ready for installation and is fitted with 0,5 m cable, source and wall box. Wall output kit :Included
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Sammode Gude Wall Lamp