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Schneid Secundum Pendant

Schneid Secundum
Schneid Secundum
Schneid Secundum
Schneid Secundum
Schneid Secundum

Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    Ø: 25cm x H: 38cm

  • Material

    Poplar Wood

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The Secundum is the second light Schneid has designed. Because of the angular wooden slaps the light source is never directly visible. This lamp series impresses with its very warm and descent lighting and its new organic shape that suits living- and dining areas perfectly. The series A is hand manufactured of untreated, certified wood in Northern Germany.

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Bulb not Included
Designed by
Niklas Jessen & Julia Mülling
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1 variant possible
Product Information
  1. Designer

  2. Material

    Poplar Wood
  3. Dimensions

    Ø: 25cm x H: 38cm
  4. Weight

  5. Cable Length

  6. Cable Color

    Basic White - Ice blue - Deep Black - Smooth creme - Coral Orange - Light Yellow
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  10. Remarks

    CableCup Included
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Meet the designer

Niklas Jessen and Julia Mülling lead Schneid, a company renowned for its innovative product design. Jessen, a qualified carpenter with a background in architecture, serves as managing director, combining his technical skills and design insights. Mülling, with expertise in French and German studies, transitioned to product design and has been pivotal at Schneid since 2012. Together, they emphasize quality, sustainability, and collaboration with young designers, fostering a creative and forward-thinking environment at Schneid.

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Schneid Secundum Pendant