LED Bulbs E27 LED Bulbs Tala Voronoi II

Tala Voronoi II

Tala Voronoi II
Tala Voronoi II
Tala Voronoi II
Tala Voronoi II
Tala Voronoi II

Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    H: 38cm X L: 46cm

  • Material


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Tala’s Voronoi II is motivated by the brand’s belief in sustainability. As such, the Voronoi offering is based on the Voronoi design which can be discovered amid the forest canopy. The rounded form of the filament is reminiscent of the Fibonacci designs found within the pine cones and ferns throughout the grounding of the forest.

The Voronoi II bulb maintains the following specifications: 220 - 240V, 3 Watt, CRI > 95, E26 / E27 Base, 120 Lumens, Mercury Free, 40 Lumens / Watt, and warm-tinted at 2200k. The halogen equivalent power is 5W and the light holds 20 000 switch cycles. The Voronoi II is also dimmable with trailing edge dimmers and has an average lifespan of 20 000 hours. As a side not, the pendant attachment, e
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Product Information
Tala Voronoi II
  1. Dimensions

    H: 38cm X L: 46cm
  2. Material

  3. Weight

    10.3 kg
  4. IP Value

  5. Bulb included

  6. Socket Type Bulb

    E26 / E27
  7. Kelvin

  8. Lumen

    120 Lumens 40 Lumens / Watt
  9. Max Watt

  10. Width

  11. Remarks

    Warranty: 3 years Working Temperature: -20°C to 40°C
  12. Voltage

    110 - 240V
  13. Technical Information

    Type: G165 Power Factor: 0.9 Beam Angle: 360°

Tala Voronoi II