Indoor Lighting Table Lamps &Tradition Manhattan SC52 Table Lamp

&tradition Manhattan SC52 Table Lamp

&Tradition Manhatten SC52 Table Lamp
&Tradition Manhatten SC52 Table Lamp
&Tradition Manhatten SC52 Table Lamp
&Tradition Manhatten SC52 Table Lamp
&Tradition Manhatten SC52 Table Lamp
&Tradition Manhatten SC52 Table Lamp

Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    Ø: 13 cm x H: 24.5 cm

  • Material

    Aluminium, Canvas, ABS

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There is no other way to get the right ambiance than with &Tradition Manhattan SC52 Table Lamp. This is a portable lamp you can easily carry to any place in your home, be it outside or outside.

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Designed by
Space Copenhagen
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Product Information
&Tradition Manhatten SC52 Table Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    Ø: 13 cm x H: 24.5 cm
  2. Material

    Aluminium, Canvas, ABS
  3. Weight

    0.6 kg
  4. IP Value

  5. Kelvin

  6. CRI

  7. Lumen

    100 lm
  8. Max Watt

  9. Number of bulbs

  10. Appliance Classes

    Class III
  11. Designer

    Space Copenhagen
  12. Remarks

    Charging - Magnetic micro USB Charging Cable: 200cm; Charging tray w. room for 12 lamps
  13. Voltage

  14. Technical Information

    Recharge input:5,0V, 1mA; Battery - Li-Ion battery 18650, 2600 mAh, 3,7V Operating time when fully charged: 1 battery: 11 hours, 2 batteries: 20 hours; Lifetime: 25.000 hours; Dimmability - 3 levels (40% – 70% – 100%)
  15. Product Code

  16. Brand

Instruction Manual

&Tradition Manhattan SC52 Table Lamp