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Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp

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Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp
Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp
Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp
Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp
Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp
Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp


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The two sizes of Medium and Mini of Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp makes it perfect and great for countless surroundings and settings. Make a statement by using Hazel Umage Pendant Lamp in your kitchen, above your dining table, or in the smaller angles of your office or home where additional lighting is required.

Do you want to brighten up and illuminate your gardens, walls, and homes? The Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp is the answer. The Hazel Umage Pendant Lamp combines simplicity, aesthetics, infusing, and functionality with thoughtful environmental care and craftsmanship. The Hazel Pendant Lamp by Umage is a multifunctional, adaptable, and versatile lighting fixture profoundly rooted in different raw nature and urban scenery around your home. The pendant lamp is available in Mini and Medium sizes to light up your home space.

The Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp stands out from the crowd and makes the best pendant lamp with its strong graphical elements, clean lines, and a focus on details. The Hazel Umage Pendant Lamp is manufactured from black brushed steel with a base in brass. Moreover, it features an integrated LED panel.

Architectural yet uncomplicated shapes built with a clear and particular attention to quality and detail makes this lighting fixture the number choice of all lighting aficionados. Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp makes a statement in hospitality, commercial, and residential environments.

The Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp is not only manufactured from the utmost quality materials, but also offered in attractive and stunning flat packages at affordable rates. It is particularly a unique, warm, and atmospheric light source for all rooms.

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Product Information
Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    Mini: Ø 22 cm x H: 9.5 cm; Medium: Ø 40 cm x H: 16 cm
  2. Material

    Steel, Aluminium and PMMA. Metal canopy
  3. Dimmable


Umage Hazel Pendant Lamp