Indoor Lighting Wall Lamps Sammode Mondrian

Sammode Mondrian

Sammode Mondrian
Sammode Mondrian
Sammode Mondrian
Sammode Mondrian
Sammode Mondrian
Sammode Mondrian
Sammode Mondrian
Sammode Mondrian
Sammode Mondrian


Stainless steel

Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    Ø : 4cm x L: 100cm

  • Material

    Stainless steel

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The Sommode Mondrian is a distinctive and elegant design that is as identifiable through its sleek form as it is from its delicately thin light source. Due to its design the Mondrian can be fitted vertically or horizontally to fit onto even the smallest of surfaces, as well as combining several of them to create non-formatted patterns.

The texture of the aluminium end cap contrasts the LED module effectively to create two separate sides to this design, though the polished finish finely reflects light from the room, showing off its cylindrical form. The Bodom is perfect to use as a functional light, or to highlight key areas of an interior or outside, perhaps on a balcony area or as an inviting entrance to any room. Add this sty
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Product Information
Sammode Mondrian
  1. Dimensions

    Ø : 4cm x L: 100cm
  2. Material

    Stainless steel
  3. IP Value

  4. Cable Length

  5. Kelvin

  6. Lumen

    500 lm
  7. Dimmable

    Light dimming by Bluetooth control with the Casambi app, by traditional on-off switch or connected switch.
  8. Max Watt

    7W, 11W
  9. Designer

  10. Remarks

    Housing: Satin-finish coextruded PMMA/PO, Gear unit cover: Stainless steel, Gaskets: EPDM
  11. Product Code


Sammode Mondrian

Stainless steel