10 Bedroom Lighting Ideas and Inspiration

The bedroom is often overlooked when it comes to lighting, time and effort is invested into choosing the right furniture and bedding but lighting sometimes becomes an afterthought.

 Bedroom lighting requirements will vary, some people like to read or work in bed while others just want a cosy sanctuary to relax in.

That being said, there are ways to correctly light up your bedroom making it comfortable, relaxing and functional.

Take a look at some of the unique bedroom lighting ideas below for some creative inspiration.

bedside lamp

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1 – Glass Floor Lamp – Frosted

Instead of your typical floor lamp, frosted glass lamps can illuminate the entire room on their own. You can use them to give your bedroom a brighter, happier feel while still having ample lighting for that book you want to read. Though, we recommend using a table lamp for reading anyway, for the sake of your eyes.

2 – In-Built Bed Lamps

Do you have a bed with an oversized backboard? Have you ever considered installing wall lamps into the bed frame? I bet you have now!

In-built bed lamps work just like wall lamps while also providing a more interesting, unique feel. Try to use lamps that compliment your bed’s design as much as possible!

3 – In-Built Overhead Bed Lamps

These work in much the same way as the previous suggestion. The key difference is that the lights have a longer neck and reach a point that would be above your head once you were lying down.

Either one will look great. You simply need to decide which works best with your bed and bed frame.

4 – Instant Forest Ceiling Lamp

A ceiling lamp designed to make shadows appear like trees isn’t for everyone. If you love the wilderness and get a peaceful feeling from it, you may enjoy this kind of design.

The lamp sits in the center of your bedroom on the ceiling and lights up inside a design of branches. They’re not made from actual wood, though you could try that if you feel really adventurous!

purple bedroom lights

5 – Neon Scripted Lights

If you want to light up your bedroom and give yourself a positive message all at once, why not set up Neon lights across from where your head would be? You can set it up to say whatever you like in whatever colors you like.

The limits of Neon scripted lights end with your own imagination. The sky’s the limit!

6 – Colorful Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights can sit in the center of your room hanging from the ceiling. You can place a variety of different shades around the light to create different colors. The light will mix with whatever shade you use and completely change the feel of your bedroom.

You can also use shades with different levels of thickness. That will further alter the lighting effect of the pendant light. Give it a try!

7 – Pendant Sculpture

Another style of pendant lighting uses a shade that appears sculpted. The sculpture shade causes the lighting around the room to appear brighter in some areas and darker in others.

While this kind of light isn’t so good when you want to use your cellphone or read a book, it is great for ambiance!

8 – Chrome Shaded Pendant Light

We hope you haven’t heard enough about pendant lights yet! A chrome shade blocks the light from going upward, for the most part. With this pendant light, it illuminates the lower parts of the walls and the floor very well while leaving the ceiling quite dim.

The look and feel of this light aren’t for everyone, but feel free to give it a go if you like the sound of it!

ceiling lights in bedroom

9 – An Old-Style Lantern with a Modern Light

Even if you prefer old-style lights, we recommend using modern, power-saving options for the bulb. However, a hanging lantern would look absolutely gorgeous in any simplistic or old-style bedroom.

10 – Bright Chandelier

While a chandelier may be somewhat common with fancy or modern style homes, having one in the bedroom is quite rare. We would not recommend using a crystal chandelier right over your bed, for obvious reasons! That being said, a chandelier hanging in front of your bed could look pretty awesome and unique.

Which One Would You Pick?

Think about all the bedroom lighting ideas we’ve just given you and let us know which one resonates most with you. Everyone has different preferences and there is a bedroom light out there that fits each of us perfectly. All you have to do is look for it! 

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