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  • &tradition

    A design company hailing from the Nordic companies, &tradition boasts that their vision has combined craft, art, function and form. Though their brand name states tradition, their products are rich in contemporary design, from redefining and reinventing certain materials in their pieces to reshaping and reusing techniques and forms to develop and present their pieces. Since their name, however, is based on tradition, they enjoy using pieces in their natural forms, including raw materials and believe that that is the way in which furniture is made to last.

  • 101 Copenhagen

    101 Copenhagen is a Danish design brand, founded in 2017 with a strong vision to create a world of beautiful accessories of exquisite craftsmanship, quality and timeless design.

  • ANDlight

    ANDLIGHT is a Vancouver based decorative lighting company established in 2012. ANDlight is a lighting company based in the scenic city of Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2013 by Caine Heintzman, Matt Davis, and Lukas Peet.

  • Anglepoise

    The Anglepoise lamp is a balanced-arm lamp designed in 1932 by British designer George Carwardine.Discover the rich history behind this quintessentially British brand and view our wide range of products.

  • Artek

    Artek was founded in Helsinki in 1935 by four young idealists: Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen, and Nils-Gustav Hahl. Their goal was “to sell furniture and to promote a modern culture of living by exhibitions and other educational means.”

  • Artemide

    Founded in 1960 and based in Pregnana Milanese, the Italian Group Artemide is a world leader in the field of residential and high-end professional lighting.

  • Astep

    Astep's lighting collection is a curious blend of tradition and technology intertwined with a great family story.

    Astep aspires to combine the quality of life that new technologies offer, with the respect for people, objects and the environment that has always been at the core of good design.

  • Astro

    John Fearon et James Bassant founded Astro in 1997. They wanted to create design quality lighting. Astro is a British brand which matches quality and simplicity. 

  • Axolight

    Axolight - Italian lighting company based in Italy and USA - designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes high-end decorative lamps.

  • Ay illuminate

    Ay illuminate is based in the Netherlands and produces it's own lighting in several countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. The designers of Ay illuminate are inspired by both nature and different cultures which is reflected in their use of organic shapes and natural (waste) materials combined with local handicraft expertise.

  • Azimut

    Azimut Industries is a French design company that is specialized in creating light products that combine smart and technical solutions to increase the value of use. Azimut created a complete set of spotlights that can be used for commercial and private use.

    The whole production is based in France.

  • Baulmann

    Light is a physical phenomenon that radience from itself to others. The same can be said of Baulmann, a luminaire manufacturer from the “Sauerland” region who develops lighting concepts with the aim of luminating the world.

  • Bel Lighting

    BEL LIGHTING , the value-added to the light

    Founded in 1991, BEL-LIGHTING is still to this day an independant family company with over fifty employees working here at our present factory in Megara (Greece) and headquarters in Saintes (Belgium). Lighting creator specialized in outdoor lighting, we constantly follow new developments in lighting technology and we are always attentive to the specific needs of our partners around the world to design and produce new innovative products that correspond to the requirements of our customers in the private or public domain.

  • Bocci

    Based between Vancouver and Berlin, Omer Arbel cultivates a fluid position, between the fields of architecture, sculpture, invention and design. Focal themes of his work include the intrinsic mechanical, physical, and chemical qualities of materials and the exploration of light as a medium.

  • Bomma

    The local glass factory in Svetla shut down after more than 100 years of glass making. Bomma’s founder Jiri Trtik decided to build his own Manufactory to employ the skilled craftsmen and engineers suddenly left without a job.

  • Brokis

    The Czech premium lighting brand Brokis stands for the synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and the remarkable craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans. Conceived by renowned Czech and foreign designers, the original BROKIS lighting collections have steadily earned international acclaim and recognition. The company combines handblown glass with other refined materials, such as wood and manually pressed metal, in bold lighting compositions that push the boundaries of contemporary design. The Brokis portfolio features modern functional lighting fixtures, decorative objects, and unique lighting solutions for architects and interior designers.

  • Bulbo

    Bulbo is an innovative and domestic brand which brings man closer to nature. They create innovative LED lighting to grow vegetables indoors. The Italian company Bulbo was started by Lorenzo Antonioni and brings nature and technology together in a remarkable way.

  • Buster & Punch

    Buster + Punch is a London-born home fashion label. We work with rare, solid materials to make extraordinary items for everyday use.

  • CableCup

    We are careful with quality at all steps and the material is the most important factor for the product’s function. Due to this, considerable emphasis has been put on choosing the right material and the right supplier – a supplier with the necessary skills for transforming the material into the finished product.

  • Calabaz

    Calabaz, originating from Sweden, is passionate about environmentally friendly design. Founded by Mikael Berlin, the brand partners only with local merchants in order to ensure that the highest level of quality is adhered to, along with adaptability.

  • Carpyen

    Carpyen is a Spanish company considered a pioneer in the lighting design sector and, since its foundation, has always remained faithful to values ​​such as quality, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation, so much so that over the years it has become a reference in the sector.

  • Celine Wright

    The Artisan Designer Céline Wright has been making a name for itself for 20 years in the creation, consulting and manufacture of lighting, vases and decoration accessories "design and ecological".

  • Classicon

    Good furniture is like a good friend: somebody we like to have around and who accompanies us through life, wherever it may take us. We have been producing this kind of furniture since 1990. At the time, ClassiCon emerged from the traditional Vereinigte Werkstätten in Munich.

  • Contardi

    Contardi wants to dispel the false myth that decorative lights don't illuminate. Our luminaires illuminate the most beautiful houses in the world with highly decorative yet functional lights. Fine finishes and materials combined with cutting-edge LED technologies and digital dimmability controls.

  • CPH Lighting

    The Cph Lighting collection is manufactured in Denmark with the greatest attention to design, function, high quality, and low energy consumption. Because we believe in lights that last.

  • CVL Luminaires

    CVL Luminaires, located in the Loire Valley, brings over fifty years of experience in the design and production of high quality lightings.

  • Dabu

    Davide Danesi and Leonardo Buzzoni design the light in their studio, which becomes a point of reference for architectural firms and professionals.

  • Dark

    DARK, based in Belgium, does not just produce lighting solutions. Instead, they produce lighting solutions that double as works of art. From lamps, to chandeliers, to sculptures; DARK aims to improve the look and feel of your interior space. For their innovative work, DARK has won the Interior Innovation Award.

  • David Trubridge

    David Trubridge Ltd was formed in 1995 when David started to expand his operation from his small designer/maker business.

  • Davide Groppi

    Since the late eighties Davide Groppi invents lamps that he builds and distributes all over the world with the homonymous company.

    Since the beginning Davide Gro ppi stands out for its attention to technology and innovation, the care of design, the humanistic approach to the project, the international presence, the sensitivity towards the social aspects of the work.

  • DCW Editions

    Bertrand Balas, a French architect born in 1935, created the lamp Here Comes the Sun in August 1969.

  • Dechem Studio

    Founded in 2012, Dechem studio focuses on high-end design and production work, based on traditional production techniques and lyrical forms of its handmade glass products.

  • Design For Macha

    DESIGN FOR MACHA (Geneva, Switzerland) is dedicated to the production of contemporary lighting inspired by mid-20th century design.

  • Design House Stockholm

    Design House Stockholm has identified themselves as publishers of design instead of abiding by the label of a traditional manufacturer. As such, they partner with designers in much the same way as publishing companies partner with authors. Instead of requesting that a designer create a particular product, however, Design House Stockholm calls designers to offer their own ideas. Some of which are then chosen to be produced.

  • Diesel with Foscarini

    Diesel with Foscarini Where design meets fashion
    These refreshing collections are the result of the successful collaboration between Foscarini and Diesel. These passionate designs imbued with irony and creativity arose out of the Diesel motto “successful living”.

  • Dix Heures Dix

    Dix heures dix is a French brand of lighting fixtures which, for 20 years, has been developing lighting collections whose main ambition is to diffuse "a beautiful light".

  • Dreizehngrad

    Dreizehngrad produces lighting solutions that are a mixture of conventional and contemporary styles. All materials used are proven to be wholesome and of the utmost quality. Within the development phase, contemporary technology is combined with traditional craftsmanship to create the end result. This is a unique light, customized by hand.

  • EBB & FLOW

    EBB & FLOW creates and manufactures lighting solutions as well as practical and ornamental products. The brand’s designs are based on a conventional British and Nordic style with the addition of a passion for fundamental materials such as glass, metal, and textiles. The end product is a mixture of lighting and glass with a carefree simplicity, intense color, and a contemporary touch.

  • Editions Serge Mouille

    We have reissued Serge Mouille lighting since 1999 in our workshops in France. We are the only rights holders in THE WORLD.

  • Eno Studio

    ENOstudio, based in France, is a publisher of products created by top-quality, contemporary designers. These designers vary in style and experience, but all contribute to the overall ENOstudio product offering.

  • Enrico Zanolla

    Enrico Zanolla graduated in architecture in 2004 from the most recognized University in Venice, Europe (IUAV).

  • Established & Sons

    Founded in Britian, Established & Sons embodies everything that is original in modern design. They have become known and valued as the company that promotes individual expression. As such, those passionate about design refer to Established & Sons product collection in order to gain inspiration for lighting with elegance and character.

  • Faro

    Faro Barcelona was born in 1986 under the name LOREFAR SL Under the brand Faro Barcelona we commercialized more than 5,000 references, offering a To varied but integrated offer that covers any need in lighting and ventilation.

  • Fatboy

    At the Dutch brand Fatboy, they create their own versions of old favorites in your home and garden. They translate the essence of these elements into iconic designs with a creative and inventive twist, thereby seeking out the fun in functionality. The design team works on new classics of the highest quality. Fatboy brightens up as many homes, gardens, offices and parties as possible. With furniture, lamps, home accessories and garden furniture.

    At Fatboy, they choose materials that can take a beating. Materials that are water-resistant and do not fade. Preferably recycled or with a low impact on the environment. This way, every Fatboy product is manufactured in a responsible manner. And they do their bit for a healthy (and happy!) planet.

  • Ferm Living

    A sincere passion for design, craftsmanship and aesthetics was the essential element in the foundation of ferm LIVING back in 2006.

  • Fermob

    Fermob has developed a passion for nature and as such aims to protect it and show respect for it throughout their production process. This is proven by their ISO certificate, which the company received in March 2010. Founded in Thoissey (Ain, France), Fermob generates approximately 400 000 products annually, including various lighting solutions.

  • Fontana Arte

    Founded in 1932 by Gio Ponti FontanaArte is one of the Italian firms that have written the history of lighting and furnishing in Italy and around the world

  • Forestier

    Forestier is a lighting design studio in Paris since 1992. 

    Enter the Forestier house, where light penetrates from all sides to wrap the interior in its brightness. A unique place where each room is designed to offer passionately illuminated emotions. These lights are the work of designers who play with materials and transparency, with the idea of respecting nature in all its forms and the human being by favouring artisanal know-how. New technologies and new tools associated to handmade savoir-faire make Forestier offer high quality objects with strong poetic spirit.

  • Foscarini

    The Italian brand Foscarini imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps. The company’s 35 years of collaborations with international designers and mastery of lighting resulted in a long list of design icons integrated into domestic or collective environments globally. One constant through their history has been their rigor and passion for each project.

  • Frama

    Frama is situated in central Copenhagen in the famous, safeguarded region of Nyboder. Previously the location of St. Paul’s Pharmacy founded in the 1800s, the building maintains its original woodwork and architectural design.

  • Frandsen

    Frandsen has been designing, producing and marketing lamps since 1968. With a love of genuine and personal design, Frandsen represents a love of organic, simple and graphic lighting solutions. They want to inspire and evoke curiosity and aim to show and tell how our products can be used to light up any room and brighten all the best moments in life.

    Whether you need the perfect light for your living room where design and a proper light output are essential elements, or you need a statement piece above your dining table, you will find the perfect light for any setting from Frandsen. Danish design made timeless and joyful.

  • Fritz Hansen

    Fritz Hansen is an exclusive, international design brand whose timeless collection unites world-famous classic and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories.

  • Gacoli

    The durable Gacoli outdoor lamps are powered by the sun and, therefore, do not require electricity. As such, Gacoli lamps are completely wireless and perfect for a garden or balcony.

  • Gervasoni SpA

    Gervasoni is a family business that speaks of a world that is at once informal, elegant and contemporary. The continuous search for the creative potential given by exclusive combinations of industrial materials, natural materials and craft techniques, combined with the passion of over 130 years of activity, has given life to a style that is recognisable all over the world.

  • Gobo lights

    The creations of GOBO Lightning are crafted in a constant concern for harmony, balance and aesthetics, derived from designer’s experiences and influences; environmental studies, computer programming and chemistry. The golden ratio occupies a central position in his research, establishing beauty and the form of consistency. The designer also has a passion for modular origami, influenced by Ron Resh, which is one of the pioneers in paper folding, Origami Tessellations and 3D polyhe- drons.

  • Goodnight Light

    Goodnight Light is a Barcelona based design studio that creates hand-crafted vinyl lamps suitable for any interior.

  • Graypants

    Graypants considers themselves as a team of problem solvers. Based in Seattle and Amsterdam, the brand’s daring innovation has resulted in a range of designs across products, architecture, and various other aesthetically pleasing objects worldwide. Their work is international and they are continuously involved in collaborations and custom design projects with top brands across the globe.

  • Grok

    Grok embodies a way of understanding and interacting with one another that is based on intuition and empathy. It is our soul and these are our values.

  • Grupa Products

    Grupa is made up of a design trio from Zagreb, Croatia. Founded in 2006, the brand does product, exhibition, and set design. They have won countless awards for their work and pride themselves in being a design studio and producer of superior handmade design products.

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